About Us

Common Descent is a podcast about the fascinating diversity of life, past and present!

Hello listeners!

We are David Moscato and Will Harris, both science communicators with backgrounds in paleontology, and we love talking about our favorite science! Each episode of the Common Descent Podcast features a discussion about a particular topic in paleontology or life history. Most topics are requested by our listeners! Every episode also includes some discussion of recent science news.

This blog is the place to go for extra stuff: pictures, links, and bonus info for each episode.

New episodes (and blog posts) release every fortnight, on Sundays!

This blog is where we put extra stuff for the episodes: pictures, links, more explanation, and whatever else fits.

If you’d like to see more from us, or contact us with a request or question, find us on Twitter or Facebook or email us at commondescentpodcast@gmail.com.

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