Episode 28 – Charles Darwin

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February 12th is Darwin Day! On this day, biology-nerds like us – and our special guest, Dr. Sarah Bray! – celebrate the birthday and life achievements of the scientist who ushered in our modern understanding of the subjects that underlie just about every topic we discuss on this podcast: Charles Darwin.

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Episode 27 – Domestication

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This episode, we explore the recent evolutionary innovation that gave rise to everything from corgis to cattle to cauliflower, and kick-started humanity’s rise to world dominance: Domestication.

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Episode 25 – The Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinction

Happy New Year!
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Episode 5 and 15 were both about major extinction events of the past. Now, another ten episodes later, we’re back on the subject. This time, it’s the most recent major prehistoric extinction event, the one that took out the mammoths and other Ice Age giants, the first such event that our own species may have had a hand in: the Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinction.

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