Episode 47 – Early Synapsids (“Proto-Mammals”)

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In today’s world, there is only one group of synapsids: the mammals. But for a good 100 million years before true mammals appeared, a diverse array of non-mammalian synapsids dominated ecosystems on land. In this episode, we’re following the story of synapsid evolution from their earliest lizard-like ancestors right up to the origin of true mammals.

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Episode 46 – Cryptozoology

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The world is full of strange and miraculous creatures, but some believe there are even stranger creatures yet to be discovered. Mysterious beasts have been in human stories since we started telling them, and even today, there are still tales of animals hidden from science. This is the focus of Cryptozoology.

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Episode 45 – The Permian Extinction

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252 million years ago, there was an event so dramatic that it wiped out almost all life on the planet; so dramatic that it brought an end to the entire 300-million-year-long Paleozoic Era; so dramatic that it has come to be known as “The Great Dying.” In this episode, we discuss Earth history’s worst mass extinction: The Permian Extinction.

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SciFest in St. Louis

Will and David took a trip to St. Louis for SciFest: Rock, Fossil, Quake on September 22nd!

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The paleontologists we spoke with were:
Dr. Ashley Morhardt, Washington University
Dr. Andy Farke, Raymond Alf Museum
Dr. Denver Fowler, Badlands Dinosaur Museum
Dr. Casey Holliday, University of Missouri
Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler, Dickinson State University
Josh Matthews, Burpee Museum

And now, some photos from the event!

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Episode 44 – Hybridization

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In today’s episode we discuss the weird world of hybrids. The fact that different species of organisms sometimes breed has thrown a wrench into the scientific understanding of species and how they function for centuries. We won’t be solving that problem in this episode but we will cover how hybrids are made, why they’re made, how species stay separate, and what can happen when species (or other groups) interbreed.

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Episode 43 – The Great American Biotic Interchange (GABI)

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For tens of millions of years, North and South America were separate sisters across the sea, each with their own unique ecosystems. That is, until around 3 million years ago, when tectonic activity birthed the Isthmus of Panama and allowed an incredible mass migration of life across the bridge: The Great American Biotic Interchange.

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Spotlight, Invertebrate Paleontologists

Welcome to our Spotlight Series!

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We’re talking paleo-science with some paleo-people! Across this 5-part series, you’ll get to know some paleontologists as we interview them about their research and their lives as scientists.

Our theme for this series is Invertebrate Paleontology

Here on this blog post, we’ll collect information on our guests, ways you can find them on the internet, and some photos of what we discussed in the episodes!

We’ll be updating this post as we release our Spotlight episodes throughout September!

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