Episode 80 – Mary Anning

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Happy Darwin Day! In keeping with tradition, we’re joined by special guest Brittney Stoneburg this episode to discuss one of the most influential figures of early paleontology, a person who helped set the stage for the ways we uncover and understand ancient life today, and who was famously not famous in her own time. This episode, we’re discussing Mary Anning.

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Episode 79 – Pterosaurs

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Around the same time that the first dinosaurs were walking around, another group of reptiles was doing something no vertebrates had ever done before: taking flight. For more than 150 million years, they ruled the skies, and we’ve spent the last 200 years or so learning ever more about just how bizarre and fascinating they were. This episode, we talk Pterosaurs.

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Episode 77 – Fins to Feet: The Fish-Tetrapod Transition

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Over 350 million years ago, vertebrate animals made one of the most dramatic evolutionary transitions in the history of life on Earth. A full-body anatomical makeover allowed one branch of the fish family tree to conquer the continents, setting the stage for a 300-million-year reign of vertebrates on land. In this episode, we discuss the Fish-Tetrapod Transition.

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Episode 75 – The Great Oxidation Event

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The history of life on Earth is marked by tragedy. Life as we know it only exists because more ancient life lost the fight for survival. In this episode, we discuss the most mysterious – and possibly the most tragic – extinction event in Earth history, the most important transformation our planet has experienced since its formation: the Great Oxidation Event.

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